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Royal Cromer

Dress Code 

To ensure that members, guests and visitors feel welcome and enjoy their experience with us, our dress code recognises golf’s finest traditions, whilst embracing changing times. Members and visitors are required to observe the club’s dress code, which requires a standard of smart, contemporary golf and casual clothes, both on the course and in the clubhouse.

On Course

Golfers are expected to wear clothing that is smart, tidy and is readily recognisable golfing attire.

Golf shoes must be worn on the course, with spikes, soft spikes or stipples.

Trousers, shorts, skirts or skorts should be tailored, and we would prefer golf shirts to be tucked in unless designed to be worn outside the waist band.

Items not considered to be recognised golf clothing include all denim, cargo shorts or combat style, beach or athletic wear including training shoes, T-shirts, track suits and football/rugby shirts.

In the Clubhouse

We seek to provide a relaxed and sociable ambience throughout the clubhouse, and welcome smart casual wear.

Clean stippled golf shoes are permitted within the lounge area

It is requested that all headwear is removed whilst in the clubhouse and dining area

Items that are not considered smart casual include:

Ripped jeans, cargo shorts, beachwear including flip flops or sliders, track suits and football/rugby shirts, outdoor wet weather clothing, soiled or untidy clothing.

Golf shoes of any variety which are wet and outdoor wet weather clothing are not permitted in the lounge and dining areas.

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones is becoming an integral part of the game, with GPS applications for the golf course as well as competition and handicapping applications which are regularly utilised. However, there are still times when the use of mobile phones may be restricted.

Mobile phones should be switched to silent during your visit to the golf club, use should be limited and done discreetly. Mobile phones should not be used whilst dining at the golf club, and phone calls should not be taken or made within the clubhouse.


Enjoy your golf at Royal Cromer and ensure fellow golfers do too by showing due respect to our championship course and facilities by following traditional etiquette standards below:

Speed of play always remains a thorny issue in modern golf. Please attempt to keep up with the game ahead, and if you fall behind, please make suitable efforts to pick up the pace of play to close this gap. If there is a faster moving group behind, and space ahead, please do let this group through.

Please make the effort to repair all pitch marks correctly.

Please rake all bunkers and leave them in a condition you would hope to play from.

Please replace and repair all divots.

Dogs are not permitted on the course or within the clubhouse


All members and guests of Royal Cromer Golf Club are asked to adhere to the dress code and etiquette policy above. Instances of non-compliance will be addressed by a member of the Club’s senior management team, professional team or a member of the Management Committee.